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How do you find out if your house is not in flooding/earth quake zone?
There are websites that will show you what insurance considers to be ‘flood-prone• areas. That helps, but nothing can really define or show a real ‘zone’. It’s what people think, for what purpose, and based on statistics. Around here (NC) places not in the flood zone flooded. So they’ll modify the zones • but there will still be some variation.FEMA Flood Map Service CenterFlood Information Center
How hard is it to profit off of rental properties?
Yup! The hardest part is finding good rentals.There are so many properties that would make terrible rentals. Someone who finds themselves in one of these will have a very hard time making a profit, and will curse realestate investing in their sleep.Of course if you find a good rental, then making a profit is easy. Just collect the checks every month, and keep buying more.So how does someone find a good rental? I can’t soeak for other investors, but I strongly avoid properties if,Rental income is not capable of supporting all the expenses and loan, with a little extra.The rental income won’t support at least 80% leverage. This eliminates entire cities sometimes such as Honolulu, NYC, San Fran.. typically those places people dream about.A bank won’t write a conventional loan for it. This eliminates a lot of condos.A bank requires special insurance (flood, etc)There are special taxes (MUD, MeloRoose, SID, LID, etc) very common in large, new developments. At some point developers figured out how to pass the cost of building the infrastructure onto home owners in the form of additional taxes. RUN AWAY!Less common, but If rent is subject to additional taxes like the GET in Hawaii. I believe Phoenix has one and likely some other cities as well. The extra fuss is sort of like having the school bully sucker punch you for your lunch money and then making you fill out a bunch of paper work on time or get sucker punched again. Stay away from the bully!If Property taxes are rediculously high, like in Texas. Texas is kind of a border line. The one saving grace there is no state income tax.If the property is located in any sort of flood zone, even if the bank does not require insurance. I’m not an expert on flood zones. I just go to FEMA and look at their flood maps. If it’s in anything other than Zone X, I will probably run away.If there is a governing home owners association (HOA)*Anything with complex mechanical things like elevators such as with high-rise condos. Stay away from this stuff, the maintence fees will eat you alive.The place has a strange layout, or serious issues that can’t be fixed with paint, carpet and new appliances. One of the weirdest I saw was a 7 bedroom house where the bedrooms were all daisy chained together, so you had to walk through one to get to the other. I like basic 3/2 or 4/2.5 with traditional layouts.And most importantly, I would not buy a rental that I would not live in myself. Disclaimer, after 20 years of military service, I’m not too picky.*HOA. This eliminates virtually all condos. However someone who is just starting out may not have any other choice. In this case, there are condos out there that can make great investments. Some of my best investments were condos. When it comes to condo investing, I would go for very basic walk-up condos (no elevator), and I always get a ground floor unit. I’ve never had problems renting ground floor stuff. Just stay clear of large buildings where elevators are required.HOA cont. (houses) Many of my earlier investments were in HOAs. In 15 years of doing this, I’ve found HOAs to be truly pointless sons of bitches that don’t do anything but take your money every month and send you hate mail every time the tenant forgets to put their grill away. I won’t ever buy into another HOA, but other investors swear by them. If you can make a case for it, than that is up to you.Happy investing!If you got this far and appreciate my writings, I would greatly appreciate your upvote. Thank you!
What are the top reasons landlords decide to sell the property and stop being landlords?
I have bought 20 rentals and sold 3 of them. I started buying in 2022 when properties were very cheap in Colorado. I bought single family residential properties that cash flowed very well. In 2022 I stopped buying residential rentals because prices had increased so much that it was virtually impossible to cash flow with them anymore. I actually created a plan to buy 100 properties in 2022. but the market put a damper on that.My Plan to Purchase 100 Rental Properties by January 2022 - Invest Four MoreIn 2022 I sold two rentals and in 2022 I sold one. The rentals I sold were not my favorite properties and prices increased so I made a ton of money on them.One property was a college rental, which is not my niche and it I sold it for $60,000 more than I bought it for in a little over a year ($185,000 versus $125,000).Another property had not real dining room and was very hard to rent. I sold it for $120,000 more than I bought it for after three years.The last property I sold was in a small town that had a small rental market. I bought it for $99,000 and sold it for $210,000 after three years.I Sold Rental Property Number Five - Invest Four MoreI had planned to keep my rentals forever, but I thought the market was awesome to sell in and those were properties I did not like that much. I used the money from the rentals to flip more houses and I now have 21 flips going at once.Fix and Flip Property Case Study Scoreboard - Invest Four MoreThis year I have bought four more rentals, but they have all been commercial. I have found they are cash flowing much better in my area. The last one I bought I paid $110,000 for and it is renting for $1,500 a month. Here is another one we are working on.https://investfourmore.com/2016/...
If a portion of a lot of waterfront land shows on the FEMA map as being in the flood zone of can you safeguard the house by land filling the lot?
You had better first find out what the local DEP/EPA thinks about your plan before you do anything. In many places you cannot do anything in a flood zone, especially if it is considered a wetland. Filling it in without the blessing and written determination of any one of the plethora of environmental watchdog agencies can lead to heavy fines and/or remediation work. Seriously, do nothing until you have permission from any agency that has jurisdiction over your property.When I owned 240 acres on a creek in the high country of Colorado some 33 years ago, I wanted to add some additional rip rap in the form of a gabion to keep a small bridge from washing away and isolating the bulk of my property. I had to get a US EPA section 404 permit from Sacramento CA, to work on my property in CO, on a small creek that was a mere 12 feet wide. Big Brother is watching and has spies everywhere, so be extremely careful.
How can I come out of my comfort zone? I have become too lazy. I know this will not help me in the future but I am not able to do anything about it.
This is an important question because there are many who stay in their comfort zones, want to break out but majorly don’t know HOW or lack the motivation to do soWhy is it important to break out of comfort zones?Growth - If we want something that we’ve never had, we have to do something that we’ve never done. That’s not to say that we shouldn’t be content with what we have. What is now our comfort zone was once an unknown. Moving forward is the only way to grow. Growth begins at the end of our comfort zonesCreativity -Familiarity doesn’t breed innovation.Pushing our limits- We may be afraid of challenges as there are chances that it might lead to failure. We do not see the opportunity that lies in front of us to acquire new knowledge & skills.There may be sometimes where moving forward would mean moving with uncertainty but the important thing to remember is to just take the next small step. We should be happy with what we have while striving for what we want. Balance is key.If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.When we have our minds set on an objective that we would want to achieve over time, one of the most important things to do is to remind ourselves of "why" we started in the first place. Your 'why' could be anything, Social Work, Sense of accomplishment, Name and Fame, Passion, Ambition, Financial Success.It is also important to have a plan of action in mind. The key to accomplishing a big goal is to break down into actionable items and start completing them in a time bound manner.Setting smaller goals would not only help us get to the bigger picture over time, but also instil a sense of achievement and satisfaction within our minds every now and then. These small achievements can really boost a person's moral and motivate them to keep going and doing their best
How much would it cost to lift/raise a 1000SF bungalow type house up to 9 feet and built a CMU foundation and columns to support it in a NYC flood zone?
Depends on who does the work.Is it the Most Expensive contractor in town hiring the most expensive subcontractor in town and you have to pay both their payrolls and insurance and lease at their offices, or is it a handyman with CMU Skills. Free is for you to do it with a Volunteer Uncle or Nephew of some kind. Or Buddies for Beer.Are you paying Material Markups to a Contractor? That affect total prices.Are you getting materials from a Professional Store that is giving you Contractor or Builder Prices with Free Delivery or Home Depot with (No coupons) and you have to pay someone to pick up or deliver the Materials? That Affects Prices.Did the Plans Get Value Engineered. (Do some research on this Term) Its a Big Deal.Speed, Quality or Price….Pick Two ONLYMost Inexperienced People want all Three. I tell you its impossible.
What is the result of a fumble in the end zone that goes out of bounds (off to the side), but not thru the end zone?
If a offensive player fumbles the ball into the opponent’s end zone and it goes out the back OR the side of such without a clear recovery, then by rule, it is called a touchback and the other team gets the ball at their 20 yard line, 1st and 10. It happened once or twice during the just ended NFL regular season.
How do you ask a girl out on a date without breaking the current relationship (friendship)? I have a huge crush on this girl. I don’t think she knows. We’ve been talking on Facebook and we belong to the same institute.
Avoid questions like "what are you doing Friday?" or "would you like to go out sometime?" or worse, assertions like "let me know what you're doing this weekend" or "we should hang out sometime." You will flatter her and make it easy for her to say yes by being clear and specific.Ask her to a predetermined event (like a concert, opening night show, or invite-only party) that, unlike a movie or a meal, she couldn't just as easily attend casually with friends. It doesn't have to be fancy, just interesting and cool (i.e. memorable).Try to have an 'in' with this event (great seats, expertise on the subject, have seen it before, know the host) instead of just being a regular attendee. This will make you more confident and comfortable, improve the experience, and make it clear to her that she's your guest... otherwise you may drift back into the friend zone.Try this:Make sure the girl is single, knows who you are, and is receptive to you, even if you're not sure if she likes you yet.Learn about her interests and style.Find an apropos event that you are absolutely certain she would like.If she says she's not going, tell her you have a +1/extra ticket, then--without pausing--ask her if she wants to join you.If she's already going, you can't use this for your date, but you can say either:A) "Nice, do you want to grab dinner or a drink first?" then repeat Step 3 in a few days. (note: this is 'meeting up' and not a date)orB) "Nice, I'll probably see you there!" then repeat Step 3 in a few days.If you try this again and she says she's going to the next cool event, then she is probably awesome and you should step up your game.
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