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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fema elevation certificate instructions 2022

Instructions and Help about Fema elevation certificate instructions 2022

Welcome to the Pinellas County Flood map service center chrome is a recommended browser for this service you will also want to enable pop-ups and zoom up to about 80% to zoom out click on the three dots at the top of your browser zoom out to 80% and click the dots in it again to close the window you can click the Help button for instructions on your navel in your pop-ups this tutorial will cover how to use the FEMA flood insurance rate map refer to as the firm and the FEMA preliminary firm to find out your flood risk and flood insurance requirements the FEMA firm tab which is the third tab over contains the currently adopted flood hazard areas which are used to determine flood risk and flood insurance rates Pinellas County was part of a large multi-year FEMA coastal flood risk study to produce updated firms the updated firm can be found on the next tab over called preliminary FEMA firm when the new firm is adopted your flood insurance requirements may change rains may also be affected so let's start by finding out what the current flood risk and insurance requirements are for an example property so we're going to click on the FEMA firm remember these are the currently adopted firm Maps and we're going to go to 400 st. Petersburg drive the old smart library and it's that top one so we'll just click on that so here you have a pop up where you can print this map if you wanted a copy of it we're not going to do that today so I'm going to X out of that I'm going to zoom out here a little bit and we're gonna close this pop-up as well so what this is telling us is this is a zone AE with an elevation of about 9 feet that's not the ground elevation that's the base flood elevation and that's rounded to a whole foot so this could actually be as high as nine point four because these numbers around it I'm going to zoom out a little bit everything that shaded blue on the firm map is considered a high-risk area they call it the special flood hazard area everything in the high-risk area is going to be required to have a flood insurance policy if it has a federally backed mortgage that said most lenders are required for an insurance regardless of whether or not it's a federally backed mortgage so the city of old smart library would be required to have a flood insurance policy because it's in this blue area anything in the blue is going to be required to have the flood insurance this orange shaded area is a moderate risk area so the risk is still there it's just reduced a little bit and then the unshaded area is the minimal flood hazard area it's not removed again there's still risk but it's a lower risk.


Is a caste certificate necessary to bring for filling out the NEET 2022 application form?
Yes, caste certificate is necessary at the time applying for NEET 2018.Before applying for NEET you need to collect following things:Make sure you belong to central govt. accepted reserved caste. Some castes are reserved category in a particular state only.Make sure your name and other details in caste certificate matches 10th and 12th marksheet.In case of any discrepancies you can always ask cbse helpline to suggest you what to do next.
How do I fill out the JEE Advanced 2022 form if I have been given an improvement in the CBSE boards 2022. There is no option for the improvement in the form. Which certificate should I upload?
it means you have not filled your correct data when you appeared for j e e mai n exams,unless you fill in your 12th certificate data for j e e - that should have your passing of 12th in top 20% in english , p c m, you cannot appear for j e e mains.how could you get short listed for j e e advanced??
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