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FEMa 81-31 Form: What You Should Know

See: for guidance. If the land is located outside the boundaries of a jurisdiction, see: . FEMA Form 81-31, Jul 13, 2012. Dec 13, 2024 — FUEL PLANNER (FEMA Form 81-31F, 2024 edition) must be filled out to update your fuel plan and be updated online to reflect the latest fuel information. This may be done online. FUEL PLANNER—FEMA form 81-31F, 2024 edition. See: FEMA Forms 81-31, Jul 31, 2024 — On the basis of the most current published fuel information from EPA, in consultation with EPA's Regulatory Affairs Division and/or the State, FEMA will issue fuel plans for eligible properties and buildings located in areas subject to this memorandum. FEMA Form 81-31, DEC 20, 2024 — List of items that must be included if applicable, including but not limited to: (a) A property description, or the property portion of such description (if the property is not a single-family residence); (b) The property types (single-family, townhouse or apartment unit, condominium, or multi-family); (c) The size of the property and the number of units on the property, and (d) The name of the owner or his/her designated agents, or such agent's name, if different from the owner's name; (e) The information required on a federal or state certificate of entitlement (certificate if single-family residence).

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Instructions and Help about FEMa 81-31

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